The best kept secret in the crafts industry may just be... that John Iverson -- after creating one of the largest, most respected craft studios in the industry -- that same John Iverson is now consulting with a limited number of crafts business owners just like you! Let's just keep that our little secret, shall we? You, too, can

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John is an MBA with more than a quarter century of experience in the crafts industry. An award-winning artist (1991 Niche Award for outstanding achievement in American craft, and Knife-of-the-Year Blade Awards for most innovative design and the collectors/investors award), he co-founded Santa Fe Stoneworks, one of the most successful production crafts studios in the country. John sits on the board of directors of several companies, has been an Arts Business Institute/Crafts Business Institute lecturer, and has written extensively for arts-oriented publications and periodicals both here and abroad. He is also the founding executive director of the Arts Business Institute, a public nonprofit business education organization for the arts. Most recently he has returned to the private sector as the financial officer for a management and information technology consulting practice.

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